1:29 PM
New home page for 2019, just to see who pops up, i'm fashionably late as always;)
1:21 PM
Clan list picture made my day
1:21 PM
broke into 6 different emails just to get to this old acc. nostalgia at its finest
1:19 PM
dead and gone cry
12:44 PM
I knew i fell off the map for a while but damn, no Pecca either huh sad Where da boiz
12:43 PM
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO i've been removed??!
4:10 AM
what up
9:30 PM
Hello World
5:28 PM
fucking nostalgia
5:20 PM
[sSs]Dosca forever
5:18 PM
I'm and Pretty miss you too
5:16 PM
1:15 AM
Miss all
11:06 AM
Nov server was Closed =(
11:06 AM
Hi all, Im KARLSON =)
10:04 PM
p you from using it. The other already know sSs is long dead and gone as well.
10:03 PM
Then keep the tag. At this point it doesn't mean anything anyway, and as I said, no one can sto
12:30 PM
active* and I like this tag, and members..ofc I know that clan is dead, but i wont to remove tag smile
12:29 PM
I really want to restore this clan, and I won't join other clan because I'm not so much acti
1:55 AM
if you want to actually play with people in your clan.
1:53 AM
But adding it won't revive it and make it any more official. I suggest joining another clan...
1:51 AM
Clan is dead. Has been for some time. If you want to add the tag we obviously can't stop you.
8:23 PM
i hope they will answer, but for now stick around
8:22 PM
dont worry bro, sSs will never die. I'm back now, since 2 months
12:51 PM
C'mon ... sad
12:49 PM
Don`t you think that we stayed away for along time !?
12:48 PM
please , i want every sSs member who would see my massage to answer please
12:39 PM
i wish if we back
7:44 PM
howdy, i was inactive..but now im back! sSs C'MON!
12:18 PM
8:02 AM
sSs lives forever! cool
8:47 AM
Welcome smile
3:20 AM
I am newbie, here :P
5:24 PM
7:42 AM
yo sup ..
2:48 PM
Happy new year all smile
3:29 PM
Happy new year!
8:34 AM
yo yo
5:54 PM
what up crackers
7:15 AM
9:23 AM
hi ^)
1:57 PM
Good to see you^
10:16 AM
3:11 AM
hey ppl how time no see
7:52 AM
i just can't accept the idea of leaving sSs to die ..
7:52 AM
yes Bigoimp , you're right but i am not the man who wants a clan
7:11 AM
Ok, thanks. I'll pm you on SAE site.
9:24 PM
then just change the admin password and it is all yours to do what you want with it
9:24 PM
just give me a clan name and a couple of days then I will make it and give u all rights
5:15 PM
Can you to create site?